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The State of California requires that private schools keep a record of the qualifications of instructors. Since at Rivendell Academy parents are the primary instructors, we ask that parents of enrolled students please complete the following survey. Note that there are no specific qualifications that make a person "capable of teaching", so do not worry if there are items you cannot check off.


The state requires that schools maintain a record of students' immunizations. 

Students are not required to have any specific immunizations as long as they are not receiving classroom based instruction. 

If the student has no immunizations, please complete the form anyway so the school can correctly report the student's immunization status.


The state requires first grade students to have this form signed by their physician. This form is not required for students who are in any other grade. If this form was already submitted to the student's previous school, you do not need to update it, you can submit the one you already have. For assistance with low cost medical care, see the California Department of Health Services website.


Students under 18 will need to submit this form in order to be employed. The form must be signed by the school and by the student's parent or guardian. Minors with a work permit are still subject to the child labor laws limiting their hours and types of work they can do, depending on their age.


If you do not choose to complete the school entry Health Examination for First Grade, you may complete this waiver form instead.

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