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Throwing Caps


  • A student must be enrolled in Rivendell before graduation.

  • The student must schedule a graduation planning consultation with the director to make sure requirements are met for graduation and for the student's future plans.

  • The student must submit a list of coursework satisfying the minimum graduation requirements.

  • The student may order official transcripts and a diploma.

Graduates Holding Diplomas


High School Diploma Requirements

(10 credits is equivalent to a one year high school course)

  • English Language Arts (30 credits)

  • Mathematics (20 credits)

  • Social Studies (30 credits)

  • Sciences (20 credits)

  • Physical Education (20 credits)

  • Visual Arts or World Languages (10 credits)

Our graduation requirements are designed to align with the State of California high school graduation requirements. Keep in mind that most colleges and universities, including the California State University system and the University of California system, require high school students to complete a college prep course of study in high school.

Graduates who need the equivalent of an accredited high school diploma are encouraged to take the CHSPE or GED. Please see the resources page for more information.

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